3D User Interfaces (812330A) - This year is Book Examination with optional essay (2 cu)

General information:

20.04.2004 @ 10:15
Virtual Reality course, Java (for Java 3D)


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Short description:

The course introduces the ways to interact with computers in a 3-dimensional environment. It covers topics concerning designing and programming the user interfaces, while providing the users with methods for viewing and interacting within rich, natural multidimensional environment. The course is also a guide to novel interaction in 3D. [read more]

Course work (optional):

The students can optionally choose to write an essay on a subject proposed by the lecturer. The work will be evaluated and, based on the contribution, it will become part of the examination remark. More details will be given in the opening lecture.

Course material:

3D User Interfaces with Java 3D (read review at www.j3d.org)
1-200 (first 2 parts)
  Author = {Barrilleaux, Jon},
  Title = {3D User Interfaces with Java 3D:
           A guide to computer-human interaction in three dimensions},
  Publisher = {Manning Publications Co.},
  ISBN = {1-884777-90-2},
  Address = {Greenwich},
  Year = {2001}
Essay work:
Articles and essays on specific topics for the optional course work.

The slides presented: [pdf]